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Miel de Jujubier De Tunisie 500gr
Miel de Jujubier De Tunisie 500gr
Miel de Jujubier De Tunisie 500gr
Miel de Jujubier De Tunisie 500gr

Jujube Honey From Tunisia 500gr

Sidr or Jujube honey is a very powerful noble honey with an incomparable flavor. This honey is sought after for its therapeutic qualities, it is an immune system stimulator, a natural antibiotic, an effective antioxidant and anti-bacterial.

Jujube honey is considered the best honey in the world!

Artisanal beekeeping Teryaq

500 gr + Free honey spoon

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It is recognized as an excellent antibacterial, energizing and antioxidant product:

- it helps to boost the immune system.
- Effective against respiratory tract infections.
- it is recommended for ophthalmic diseases, ulcers, constipation, stomach problems.
- It is an excellent healing agent with its antibacterial properties on wounds and burns.
- it is also recommended for local treatments against acne, eczema and psoriasis.
- it is given to young mothers to promote their recovery after childbirth.
- it also has aphrodisiac properties.

This honey comes from Tunisia from the mountainous regions of Zaghouan as well as the region of Gafsa.

This harvest shows in the analysis results (photo) that the sucrose rate is less than 0.03% while the standard is minus 5% to be able to judge that it is pure honey.

it is simply a record for this special honey.

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