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Gross natural loofah

Lot of 10 natural raw Loofah

Produit naturel

Cucurbitaceae fiber, used as an anti-bacterial sponge. It swells in the water.

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Fiber gourd, used as an anti-bacterial sponge. It swells in water.

Body massage with loofah and shower gel or soap is an excellent black body cleanser. It exfoliates the skin and makes it smooth and soft. This veritable vegetable sponge untreated removes hair below the skin and softens the dead skin.

This raw loofah is 100% natural and unprocessed.
It has no ornament and decoration fabric and does not therefore take up bacteria.

Its dimensions are about 45 centimeters. It should be noted that this comes from a loofah plant. This will make it larger or smaller size without standard.

Directions for use:
It should be wet before use, it will swell with water. Texture of a loofah will massage your entire body. It will thus be effective against cellulite.
After use, rinse the loofah, then shake to get rid of the water, and let it dry.

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