Huile de graine de nigelle 25 ml

Nigella seed oil 120 ml habba sawda

Oil nigella seed pressed cold 100% natural.



Oil nigella seed pressed cold 100% natural.

120 ml

Seed oil of Nigel:

Composition =>
Nigella seed is composed of active elements having a good flavor and a miraculous effect. It contains phosphate, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrate elements, essences that form the bulk of its power.

It contains anti-biotics that can destroy any virus, microbe or bacteria. It also contains anti-cancer potency carotene and fertile sex hormones and aphrodisiac. It contains anti-acid enzymes, sedatives and stimulants.

Indication =>
The seed oil Nigel is used in both curative and preventive treatments.

- As a preventive treatment: Take a spoonful of seed oil Nigel morning and evening, pure or accompanied by a drink (herbal tea, tea, juice, yogurt ...)

- In curative treatment: Apply seed oil Nigel on painful parts and diseased parts and take two spoonfuls per day morning and evening.

Contraindications =>
Do not give to children under 2 years

Side effects =>
May cause burns to the throat during first shots.

Pregnant women =>
It is strongly recommended in pregnant women to use black seed oil. This is beneficial for the body and fetus and also facilitates childbirth.

2 Reviews

cette huile est très efficace pour les irritations de la peau et des muqueuses.
By on 2014-04-12

C\'est une huile de très bonne qualité surtout en comparaison de ce que l\'on peut trouver sur Internet. J\'en commande régulièrement, je n\'ai jamais été déçue par le service et le produit. Je vous le recommande vraiment.
By on 2013-10-29

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