Natural green clay into pieces

Natural green clay into pieces

Produit naturel

Oriental souk offers the natural green clay into pieces.



Oriental souk offers the natural green clay into pieces.

It is ideal for facials recipes home! You can reduce this rock powder using a mortar ... Once the clay ground, you can plan your care home ...

Ideas care!

- For oily hair, massage your scalp with powder of clay, which will reduce your excessive secretion of sebum.

- It can also be used as a mouthwash by diluting the clay in a little water several times a day. Indeed, the clay is known to disinfect including the mouth. Therefore, some also use it as toothpaste.

- If you have a sore throat or sore throat, you can also gargle a little cider vinegar mixed with water clay.

- The green clay powder, talc can also replace and can also be used on small bumps or sores.

Souk Oriental tips:

For oily skin!

You can add the powder to rosewater for a pleasant smell and feel soft to the skin. Apply to face avoiding the eye area. Allow about twenty minutes then rinse.

If pulling the mask due to drying, spray rose water on the face to re-wet clay

For oily hair!

Mix egg yolk with about 5 tablespoons of green clay powder. Add rose water to make a paste soft and creamy. Massage the scalp with this mixture (if your ends are dry, avoid). Let stand about twenty minutes then rinse with water. You can later use a mild shampoo.

Ideal for poultices!

Our 250 grams of green clay into pieces allow you to make several poultices!

- For warts for example, you can rub them with half a clove of garlic and then apply a poultice of clay several times a day ...

- To ease your muscle aches, you can apply warm compresses or cold, depending on the disease being treated.

In this case, put a few pieces of clay into a large bowl, preferably glass, porcelain or wood (not plastic or metal). Pour mineral water to the level of clay, and wait ... It must indeed leave the clay fully absorb the water until a thick paste. This is not flowing. Roll out the clay and then a fabric plant fiber such as linen or cotton. This machine must be larger than the surface.

For areas feverish or inflamed, it will apply the poultice as cold warms quickly as appropriate, it will be necessary to renew often.

The clay poultice can also be used warm, to heat the clay, it is exposed to the sun or use the water bath enn ensuring that the clay dries / cooks it. Attention is not recommended to reheat in oven, microwave or any other direct heat sources.

The hot poultice of clay used for the purification and regeneration of an organ such as liver, kidney.

One to two applications per day are recommended at the start for 30 minutes.

The clay absorbs toxins, so be sure to throw after use.L'argile absorbe les toxines, donc n'oubliez de la jeter après utilisation. 

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J\'ai découvert récemment les propriétés de l\'argile et elle est vite devenue un indispensable pour mes rituels beauté .J\'achetais souvent un tube d\'argile en magasin mais j\'avais envie d\'essayer quelque chose de plus naturel.Aujourd\'hui, je peux dire que je préfère largement l\'argile naturelle. Elle est plus douce pour la peau et surtout plus efficace ( peau plus propre). Je recommande ce produit, que j\'ai pris en grand format (2k dans la rubrique \"vente semi-gros du site), plus économique et surtout plus adapté à mon utilisation.

La livraison est rapide, soignée, et les produits sont conformes à la description. Site de confiance.
By on 2012-06-29

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