Figue séche noir 200gr séché au soleil

Fig dried black 200gr dried in the sun

The dry black fig of Tunisia 100% natural, dried in the sun, certified organic, besides that it is delicious, it abounds of well done for your body.

It is a source of several vitamins (A, K, B1, B5, B6 ...) as well as minerals such as (calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium ...).

Bag of 200gr.



Origin: Tunisia
Preparation: sun-drying, no sugars or preservatives 100% natural

It is one of the best fruit for health, source of many vitamins and minerals more than in most other fruits.

Figs help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain chronic diseases.

- excellent for the heart

- Regulates the blood pressure

- very good for pregnant women and vegans (important iron source)

- good against tiredness, memory, stress, hair and brittle nails ...

Dried figs are very rich in antioxidants, they facilitate digestion and recommended especially for constipation.

Use :

In Tunisia, after the figs are dry, they are immersed in a jar with olive oil to better preserve it. This allows in addition to being more tender to the tasting.

A good association between dried figs and olive oil which offers a more refined taste.

Another association with dried figs is the fresh goat cheese, a pure delight.

The dried figs blend perfectly with the flavors of Mediterranean sweet and savory cuisine (Moroccan recipes, Spanish recipes, Greek recipes, Tunisian recipes ...). Try to put some in your pasta. A pure delight.

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