Pack Spices traditional Maghreb (100g x 5)
Pack Spices traditional Maghreb (100g x 5)
Pack Spices traditional Maghreb (100g x 5)
Pack Spices traditional Maghreb (100g x 5)

Pack Spices traditional Maghreb (100g x 5)


This traditional spice pack includes:



This traditional spice pack includes:
- 100g of turmeric homemade
- 100gr tabeul / tabil homemade
- 100g of paprika homemade
- 100gr cumin homemade
- 100g Caraway homemade

Turmeric or curcumin is nutmeg and pepper. It is musky and sweet. Its main feature is its yellow pigment called curcumin. Therefore, it is often called "Saffron Bourbon" or "Turmeric".
Namely: turmeric does not sting!

The tabeul:

The fragrant tabeul is the result of the mixture of coriander, caraway, sweet red peppers, bark of cinnamon and garlic. The whole is then dried and powdered. A typical Tunisian spice!

Paprika paprika is also called a fruit that is harvested after being dried and pulverized. This chili powder gives a red, tender and tastes slightly spicy and slightly sweet.

Cumin or cumoun is an aromatic plant very appreciated in the Arab cuisine, Mexican and Indian, who use in soups, vegetables, cheeses, eggs, rice, stews, pies, breads and pastries.
He is one of the main ingredients of chili mixes, curry and ras el hanout.


Caraway is often used in many types of Tunisian salads (including one with carrots and potatoes) but also in the traditional chouchouka or in stuffings for meat and also in the harissa.

The spices sold by Oriental Souk come directly from Tunisia, where each spice is prepared and milled the traditional way, by hand.

All our spices are pure dye free, preservative or adding others (such as starch ...)

All beautifully presented and tied in a transparent plastic packaging.

7 Reviews

ces épices ont un parfum que je ne peux oublier merci
By on 2016-03-21

Satisfaite et heureuse de retrouver les odeurs de la Tunisie. Envoi parfait. Bien emballé et rapide
By on 2016-02-05

Super parfumé et pas plus cher que chez moi épicier, jolie emballage si on veut l offrir, mais nannnn je garde pour moi 😝 LOL
By on 2015-11-14

Très satisfaite du produit à recommander.
By on 2013-01-24

Épices de qualité. Excellent rapport qualité/prix. Traitement de la commande très rapide (6 jours) et envoi soigné. C\'est la 1ère fois que je commandais, mais pas la dernière. Je suis très satisfaite.
By on 2012-06-08

les épice son exélent ne pas trop doser car se ne son pas les épice du commerce je les utilise pour tous mes mets en cuisines
By on 2011-05-29

Bien emballé, mais ce que j\'aime le plus c\'est la qualité des épices. le gout n\'a rien avoir avec ceux dans le commerce en France. Le gout est assez fort, je vous conseille de mettre la moitié que d\'habitude
By on 2011-03-15

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