Safran De Tunisie filaments - grade 1

Safran De Tunisie filaments - grade 1

Saffron is obtained from the pistil of the saffron flower which is made up of 3 bright red stigmas.

The analyzes carried out in 2018 by the French laboratory Anascan according to the ISO3632-2:2010 method, classify it in category 1 as being an excellent saffron.



What is saffron?
Saffron is a spice extracted from the flower of Crocus sativus composed of three red stigmas whose length is approximately 3 cm.

Originally from Europe, where it was cultivated 3,500 years ago, it has spread throughout the Middle East and Asia, of which Iran is the world's leading producer.

Use of saffron in cooking

To make the best use of saffron, it is best to infuse it in a small quantity of hot water (1 glass of water), not boiling, for about 1 hour.
For the dosage:
3 to 6 filaments per person, put the infusion in the middle or end of cooking your preparations.

Saffron is an excellent companion to white meats and vegetables, like turmeric where it offers an excellent alternative in all recipes where it is found.
It goes very well with dessert or in pastries.

With a bitter, iodized scent and notes of hay, saffron is very complex and powerful. It takes very little to give the dish a very special dimension.
It is attributed with 6 benefits:
• A coloring agent: offering a golden yellow tint to its dishes;
• An aromatic: a unique and intense flavor even in small doses;
• An antioxidant;
• flavor enhancer ;
• harmonizing;
• energizing.

Saffron and health
- Toning: fatigue, muscle recovery

- Antidepressant: stress, insomnia, emotional fragility

- Detoxifier: stimulation of the liver

- Emmenagogue: menstrual pain

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